Submission Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible to submit to the Black MAP Archive

If you are 18 years of age or older and identify as Black/African-American you are eligible to submit to the Black MAP Archive

What can I submit to the Black MAP Archive

You are welcome to submit an image, short video (no larger than 28.6 MB), and/or other creative reflection. Submissions should reflect your creation of or engagement in Black Music, Performance, Embodied and/or enacted practice(s) that support(ed) emotional wellness and/or liberation. The Black MAP Project welcomes any submission that you feel is resonant with this call. If your submission is deemed to be in alignment with the Black MAP Project it will be added to the online archive.

What do you mean by embodied and enacted practices

Black people have imbued creativity and practices of care across multiple domains and activities (for example: encounters/practices in salons, barbershops, kitchens, street corners, parks, and etc.). Embodied and enacted practices are ways in which Black people creatively engage body/mind/spirit/space/place/relationship/and…

Why don’t you offer more specific examples of what can be submitted to the archive

I am interested in receiving submissions across a range of ideas and experiences as it relates to this call. The moment I begin to offer suggestions for what could be submitted I am perhaps informing and reshaping ideas for what might be submitted. I am inviting people submit what they believe belongs in the archive as a way to represent/reflect a range of responses that are not informed by my idea(s) alone.

How long does it take to complete the submission process

The submission process will take approximately 5-15 minutes.